Governing Board

Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary is overseen and governed by an external Board of Regents. The members of the Board of Regents are elected by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod at its annual national convention. The Board of Regents meet four times per year in Mankato, Minnesota to receive reports from the seminary President, establish policy, etc.

The seminary’s present Board of Regents are as follows:

  • Rev. Herbert Huhnerkoch, Chairman (Kissimmee, Florida)
  • Mr. Paul Chamberlin, Secretary (South Chatham, Massachusetts)
  • Rev. Erwin Ekhoff (Golden Valley, Minnesota)
  • Rev. David Thompson (Lombard, Illinois)
  • Rev. Edward Bryant (Medford, Oregon)
  • Dr. Joshua Mears (Lakeville, Minnesota)
  • Dr. Willis Anthony (St. Peter, Minnesota)
  • Mr. Lyle Fahning (Prior Lake, Minnesota)
  • Mr. James Minor (Danbury, Wisconsin)
  • Mr. Tim Thiele (Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)
  • Rev. Mark Bartels (Madison, Wisconsin)
  • Mr. Bruce Gratz (Mankato, Minnesota)
  • Rev. John Moldstad, By Virtue of Office (Mankato, Minnesota)