75th Anniversary

August 20, 2020

Dear Friends of Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary,

When our Lord prepared the twelve disciples to carry on His ministry, He apprenticed them to Himself for three intense years before sending them out. During this time, He rigorously challenged them to search the Scriptures so that their preaching and teaching would always aim true. He taught them to be pastors, shepherds of souls, who so intimately knew every sheep under his charge that they always remained attuned to the unique spiritual needs of each one. This is the kind of pastoral formation Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary committed itself to at its founding. It is that same education that the seminary remains committed to today as it is about to celebrate its seventy-fifth anniversary. The seminary was opened in 1946 with Norman A. Madson as the first dean of the seminary. Next year at our convention we will celebrate this anniversary and thank the Lord for the wonderful blessings that he has given us through this institution.

In order to bolster and continue this task of training pastors, Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary has established an anniversary fund. We would like to encourage you to consider a special gift.

The seminary would especially like to use this fund to update the technology in our facilities. Technology is not just revolutionizing the way teaching is done, it is also shaping how we communicate the faith in our churches and to the world. For instance, seminary students living as far away as Sweden and Chile have been receiving instruction at our Mankato seminary. A technological update would enhance their ability to share in the instruction at the seminary and equip them with the technological know-how that is becoming increasingly important in the Covid‑19 world. For another example, students have greatly benefited from a fledgling preaching simulation program that provides students with vital feedback, helping them hone delivery skills. A technological update would allow the seminary to expand the scope of this project as well. Perhaps you can offer $75.00 or $750.00 for the anniversary fund and these projects.

Finally, we want to thank you for all of your past support. The financial gifts that you have offered to the seminary never cease to amaze us. But it is your prayers for the seminary and the encouragement you so readily offer us that is most appreciated. If helping young men enter the pastoral ministry were not wonderful enough, knowing that so many brothers and sisters in Christ have our backs fills each of us at the seminary with the confidence to brave each new day with Christian love and joy.

In Christ,

Prof. Timothy R. Schmeling, Ph.D.