Reformation Lecture Recap

Reformation-Lectures-2016The forty-ninth annual Bjarne Wollan Teigen Reformation Lectures were held at the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center, Mankato, Minnesota, on October 27–28, 2016. These lectures are sponsored jointly by Bethany Lutheran College and Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary. This year there were three presenters: Dr. Roland Ziegler, Dr. Charles Cortright, and Dr. David Lumpp.

The theme of the lectures was “The Cost of Confessing: Luther and the Three Princes.” The first lecture, given by Dr. Ziegler, was entitled “Luther and Frederick the Wise.” The second lecture, presented by Dr. Cortright, was entitled “Luther and John the Constant.” The third lecture, given by Dr. Lumpp, was entitled “Luther and John Frederick.”

The Reformation Lectures presented the life and work of the three princes who ruled during Luther’s lifetime. God, through these men, provided the environment and political situation which made the restoration of the Gospel possible. They defended and protected the Reformation movement in its infancy. Great Lutheran confessors they were to a man.

The complete lectures will be published in the March issue of the Lutheran Synod Quarterly.