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Dr. Schmeling Joins Faculty

Dr. Schmeling Joins Faculty

Timothy-SchmelingBethany Lutheran Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that the Rev. Dr. Timothy R. Schmeling has accepted the divine call to serve as Professor of Old Testament, Symbolics, and Church History. He will assume his new role at the seminary in Fall 2017.

He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Theology and History at Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, Minnesota. Prior to that he was a parish pastor in Sebastian, Florida and served his vicarage in Ukiah, California. He holds a Ph.D. from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri; an M.Div. from Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary; and a B.A. from Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minnesota. He and his wife, Annette, live in Mankato with their two children. God bless his work among us teaching the next generation of pastors for the ELS.

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Reformation Lecture Recap

Reformation Lecture Recap

Reformation-Lectures-2016The forty-ninth annual Bjarne Wollan Teigen Reformation Lectures were held at the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center, Mankato, Minnesota, on October 27–28, 2016. These lectures are sponsored jointly by Bethany Lutheran College and Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary. This year there were three presenters: Dr. Roland Ziegler, Dr. Charles Cortright, and Dr. David Lumpp.

The theme of the lectures was “The Cost of Confessing: Luther and the Three Princes.” The first lecture, given by Dr. Ziegler, was entitled “Luther and Frederick the Wise.” The second lecture, presented by Dr. Cortright, was entitled “Luther and John the Constant.” The third lecture, given by Dr. Lumpp, was entitled “Luther and John Frederick.”

The Reformation Lectures presented the life and work of the three princes who ruled during Luther’s lifetime. God, through these men, provided the environment and political situation which made the restoration of the Gospel possible. They defended and protected the Reformation movement in its infancy. Great Lutheran confessors they were to a man.

The complete lectures will be published in the March issue of the Lutheran Synod Quarterly.

2016 Reformation Lectures

2016 Reformation Lectures

We are pleased to announce this year’s B.W.Teigen Reformation Lectures presented by Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary and Bethany Lutheran College.

To register, click here!

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2016-17 Academic Year Begins

2016-17 Academic Year Begins

[caption id="attachment_1606" align="alignright" width="150"]Sem Opening 2016 Pictured from left to right: (back) John Spivey, Noah Thompson, Ethan Urtel, Christian Walz (front) Patrick Ernst, Karim Yaghleji, Jacob Kempfert[/caption]

Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary began its new school year with an opening service on August 22, 2016, in the Good Shepherd Chapel. The Rev. John Moldstad, president of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, delivered the devotional message for the occasion, centering his remarks on Matthew 20:20–28. In his message he urged all to assess our motives for service to the Lord, whether in the classroom as ones privileged to study for the ministry, as professors and administrators, or as dedicated Christians in our various vocations of life. In the text cited, Jesus speaks a strong message on how greatness in his kingdom does not come by way of the world’s standards in judging merit. It comes only through faithful service to other fellow sinners, done fully out love and thanks to the Savior, without any thought of reward. While we sinners fail in upholding this pure motive, we are spurred on to greater commitment to help others—which the ministry is all about—through the Savior himself who “came not to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.” In conclusion, reference was made to the familiar citation from Dr. Luther in his 1 Peter commentary: “God could easily take away our breath and have us die as soon as we are baptized and have begun to believe, but he leaves us here so that we may do for others what he has done for us.” We pray that God fills our seminarians, our professors, and our administrators—all of us—with the attitude of gratitude as we are moved with humility in all of our activity.

The teaching staff for the seminary this semester is as follows: Adolph Harstad, Thomas Kuster, Allen Quist, Michael Smith, and Gaylin Schmeling. Professor Harstad is teaching in the areas of Old Testament and homiletics; Professor Kuster is teaching communication; Professor Quist is teaching apologetics; Professor Smith is teaching in the areas of New Testament, hermeneutics, and homiletics; and Professor Schmeling is teaching courses in church history and homiletics.

The seminary enrollment this year numbers nine. There are two vicars, two seniors, one middler, and four juniors. The vicars are Aaron Ferkenstad at St. John’s Lutheran Church (Frankenmuth, Michigan) and Kurtis Freimuth at Grace Lutheran Church (Vero Beach, Florida).

Summer Institute 2016

Summer Institute 2016

BLTS Summer Institute-2016The annual Pastors’ Institute of Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary has been held in various locations throughout the country in order to make it possible for more of our pastors to attend. This year the institute took place at Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary in Mankato, Minnesota, on July 6–7, 2016.

The first portion of the institute was a presentation entitled “Concordia, Discordia, Et Irenicum: The Reception of the Book of Concord in Seventeenth Century Braunschweig Lutheranism.” This presentation demonstrated how the Book of Concord was received in the northern German states. It explains some of the conflicts involved in the acceptance of the Book of Concord in Lutheran lands and helps explain the genesis of the Syncretistic Controversy (ca. 1645–86) of the seventeenth century. It was given by Dr. Timothy Schmeling of Bethany Lutheran College.

The second segment of the institute was entitled “Church of the Lutheran Confession: Then and Now,” centering on the origin and recent history of the CLC. This presentation was given by President Gaylin Schmeling.

2016 Reformation Lectures

Bethany Lutheran College and

Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary

Mankato, Minnesota


The 2016 Bjarne W. Teigen Reformation Lectures

October 27–28, 2016

with the theme of

“The Cost of Confessing: Luther and the Three Princes”

Lecture One: Luther and Frederick the Wise

by Dr. Roland Ziegler

Lecture Two: Luther and John the Constant

by Dr. Charles Cortright

Lecture Three: Luther and John Frederick

by Dr. David Lumpp

The lectures begin Thursday, October 27, at 10:30 a.m.

Sem Experience Video, 2016

Check out this video made by our graduates of 2016.

Graduation & Call Day 2016

Graduation & Call Day 2016

BLTS Graduates and StudentsThe Commencement Service for Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary, which included both the assignment of calls and graduation of students, occurred on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. in Trinity Chapel. The Rev. Craig Ferkenstad (Norseland and Norwegian Grove Lutheran Churches, Saint Peter, Minnesota) served as preacher, Pres. Gaylin Schmeling served as liturgist, the Rev. Herbert Huhnerkoch represented the Board of Regents, and Mr. John Baumann was the organist. The sermon was based on Hebrews 12:2–3 telling the candidates and vicars that as they go forward they are to keep looking to Jesus who is the Author and Perfecter of our faith. We look neither to the world nor to popular opinion but keep looking to Jesus as we proclaim the Law and the Gospel of reconciliation. We do so until the day when we see Him face-to-face in the heavenly home which He has prepared for us.

Graduates from the seminary with a Master of Divinity degree were Matthew Behmer, Sung Gyu Choi, Jeffrey Hendrix, Joshua Mayer, Daniel Ruiz, and Andrew Soule. Graduating with a degree of Master of Arts in Lutheran Theological Studies was Elisabeth Urtel. Matthew Behmer was assigned as pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church (Bell Gardens, California); Jeffrey Hendrix was assigned as pastor of Calvary Lutheran Church (Ulen, Minnesota) and Grace Lutheran Church (Crookston, Minnesota); Joshua Mayer was assigned as pastor of Redeeming Grace Lutheran Church (Rogers, Minnesota); Daniel Ruiz was assigned as pastor of Hope Lutheran Church (Leander, Texas); and Andrew Soule was assigned as pastor of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church and Rock Dell Lutheran Church (Belview, Minnesota). Aaron Ferkenstad was assigned as vicar of St. John’s Lutheran Church (Frankenmuth, Michigan) and Kurtis Freimuth was assigned as vicar of Grace Lutheran Church (Vero Beach, Florida).

Commencement 2016

The seminary commencement service will be held on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, at 4:00 p.m. in Trinity Chapel. The Rev. Craig Ferkenstad will be the preacher, President Gaylin Schmeling will serve as liturgist, and the Rev. Herbert Huhnerkoch will represente the Board of Regents. The following will graduate from the seminary with a Master of Divinity degree: Matthew Behmer, Jeffrey Hendrix, Joshua Mayer, Daniel Ruiz, and Andrew Soule.