Reformation Recap-2015

20151029 Reformation Lectures-03The forty-eighth annual Bjarne Wollan Teigen Reformation Lectures were held at the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center, Mankato, Minnesota, on October 29–30, 2015. These lectures are sponsored jointly by Bethany Lutheran College and Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary.

This year there were three presenters. The first lecture was given by Prof. William Bukowski of Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota. The second presenter was Dr. Robert Rosin. The third lecture was given by Prof. Brian Dose of Martin Lutheran College in New Ulm, Minnesota. The theme of the lectures was “Lutheranism and the Arts.” The first lecture, given by Prof. Bukowski, was entitled “Lutheranism and the Visual Arts.” The second lecture, presented by Dr. Rosin, was entitled “Lutheranism and History.” The third lecture, given by Prof. Dose, was entitled “Lutheranism and Literature.”

The Reformation Lectures were a study of Lutheranism’s relationship to the arts. The lectures explained the influence of Lutheranism on the visual arts, history, and literature. Lutheranism was open to the visual arts, beautifying our worship in contradistinction to the whitewashed churches of the Reformed; it has given direction to the study of history as seen in the example of the Magdeburg Centuries; and it has affected our literature. Lutheranism has touched every aspect of our Christian vocation.

The complete lectures will be published in the March issue of the Lutheran Synod Quarterly.