Commencement 2015

Sem Graduation 2015The Commencement Service for Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary, which included both the assignment of calls and graduation of students, occurred on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. in Trinity Chapel. The Rev. Gene Lilienthal (Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Brownsburg, Indiana) served as preacher, Pres. Gaylin Schmeling served as liturgist, the Rev. Dr. J. Kincaid Smith represented the Board of Regents, and Mr. John Baumann was the organist. The sermon was based on John 21:15–17 with the theme “Pastor, Feed Jesus’ Sheep.” In the sermon, Pastor Lilienthal explains that Lutheran pastors are to feed the lambs and sheep of our gracious Savior on the green pastures of the means of grace, Holy Word and Blessed Sacraments. They are to shepherd the flock of God.

The following graduated from the seminary with a Master of Divinity degree: Michael Lilienthal. He was assigned as pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church, Iola, Wisconsin and Messiah Lutheran Church, Omro, Wisconsin. Matthew Behmer was assigned as vicar of Peace Lutheran Church, North Mankato, Minnesota and Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, Minnesota; Jeffrey Hendrix was assigned as vicar of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Indianola, Iowa; Joshua Mayer was assigned as vicar of Redeeming Grace Lutheran Church, Rogers, Minnesota; Daniel Ruiz was assigned as vicar of Hope Lutheran Church, Leander, Texas; and Andrew Soule was assigned as vicar of Norseland Lutheran Church, Saint Peter, Minnesota and Norwegian Grove Lutheran Church, Gaylord, Minnesota.